3 Must-see Places to Add to Your Amsterdam Itinerary

Amsterdam is known world-wide as a hub for delicious stroopwaffels, brilliant tulips, and quintessential bike-with-canal-in-background photos.

Which I discovered are all very present elements of this beautiful city and parts of what make it so magical!

But in my exploration of my new favorite European city, I discovered these stunning spots that brought the Dutch culture to life and made my experience there so much more meaningful.

1. Hans Egstorf Bakery

On a food tour of Amsterdam, we visited this bakery – which is the oldest one in Amsterdam, by the way!

They make their stroopwaffels fresh in front of you and sell pre-packaged ones to take home with you to feed your addiction once you try your first one! Hans Egstorf has used the same stroopwaffel recipe since 1898, and it’s still a huge hit! (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right??)

Enjoy a literal feast of breads, croissants, and stroopwaffels AND a feast for the eyes in the beautiful storefront covered in original mosaics and paintings.

2. Amsterdam Tulip Museum

I was so glad that I visited this little lovely museum the day before I traveled to the Dutch countryside to see the tulip fields. It made seeing those impressive fields in-person so much cooler knowing everything that goes into planting, cultivating and harvesting the acres and acres of flowers.

I learned so much about the history of tulips and the tulip market in Amsterdam that by the end, tulips had become one of my favorite flowers!

Entry is only 5 Euros, so it’s an amazing option if you’re looking for an affordable museum option.

For my fellow travelers who like to mix some cultural EDUcation into their VAcation, this museum is for YOU!

3. Begijnhof

This reverent neighborhood has been inhabited exclusively by WOMEN since its establishment in the 14th century! These women historically were devout Catholic women who wanted to live their beliefs in peace, but didn’t necessarily want to take vows to become nuns.

The homes surrounding the courtyard are still private residences, so tourists are asked to keep noise levels to a minimum. The whole atmosphere is so peaceful and a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of bikes, boats, cars, and pedestrians just outside its walls.

This was by far one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam that I almost missed! I had no idea it was here – I discovered it while I was exploring the area (waiting for a dinner reservation).

So don’t make the same mistake I did – put the Begijnhof on your list of places to visit in Amsterdam!

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