Epic Colorado Adventures You Can Have This Weekend

Colorado has SO many incredible landscapes and iconic destinations all in one state. I’m not a native of Colorado, but with all the exploring I’ve done here over the last few years, I really wish I was!

Here are my favorite weekend adventures that have made me fall in love with this gorgeous state! Pick one to visit this weekend and ENJOY!

Rocky Mountain National Park

RMNP is a stunning area nestled up in the Rockies, less than 2 hours away from Denver. At 12,000+ feet up, it feels like you’re on top of the world! We loved just driving along the Trail Ridge Road through the park, which by the way is the highest continuous paved road in the US! The views of the mountains, trees, and lakes from the road are breathtaking.

If you’re up for some easy hiking, take the Milner Pass trail from the Trail Ridge Store. There’s a stunning lake at the end with a view that goes for miles!

And stop in Estes Park on the way up or out for food, souvenirs, and a lovely mountain town experience.


This stunning orchard/vineyard/farm town is one of my favorite places in the world! I visited for my birthday weekend on a solo trip and was totally hooked.

Palisade is famous for their mouthwatering peaches which are sold, along with loads of other produce, honey, flowers, and local products, at the front of small orchards on every road in town!

Make a day of driving or riding a bike from Palisade Cycle and Shuttle around the gorgeous countryside. Follow the Fruit and Wine Byway to visit dozens of highlighted orchards and vineyards. Along the way, take time to talk with the local farmers about their crops. They’re all so friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do!

You’ll feel like part of the Palisade family in no time!

Royal Gorge

Just past Canon City (south of Colorado Springs) is Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. I’ve loved exploring Royal Gorge in all seasons throughout the year!

The bridge itself is massive – in fact, it’s the highest suspension bridge in America! Take the gondola from the visitors center to the park where you can learn more about the history of the bridge, enjoy rides and a playground, or zipline back across the gorge 956 feet below!

Summertime is perfect for river rafting and ziplining in other parts of the canyon too! Check out Royal Gorge Rafting for different rafting/zipline packages that include a DELICIOUS lunch at Whitewater Bar and Grill!

(Seriously, even if you don’t raft or zipline, do yourself a favor and grab some grub at this grill. I was blown away by how yummy everything was!)

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Head to the southern corner of Colorado to cross this incredible national park off your list! Pack plenty of snacks and water to bring with you because you’ll want to hang out on the dunes all day.

Whatever you do, make sure you rent sandboards from Kristi Mountain Sports to take with you! I’ll be honest – the dunes get old really fast if you don’t have boards to ride around on.

We learned the best strategy for riding the dunes on this trip: hike all the way to the top, then ride down to the bottom. This way you won’t have to ride down and climb back up those hills over and over again – it’s exhausting!

Insider tip: wear socks for walking on the sand! I know it sounds weird, but it’s by far the best solution for traversing the hot sand all day. Shoes get heavy and full of sand, sandals get stuck, and the ground is too hot to walk on barefoot. I promise it’ll make your day at the Dunes.

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is home to the largest hot springs pool in the world! You can stay at the Glenwood Springs Resort for easy access to the pool, or just swing by with a day pass.

The nearby town is full of fun shops, restaurants, and even a Vaudeville theater! The show we saw there was our favorite part of the experience in town. Definitely put it on your Glenwood Springs itinerary!

Our other favorite part of the visit was Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, which is only accessible by gondola! There are several fun rides to choose from, including an alpine slide and a swing that takes you over the edge of the mountain! Take a tour of the beautiful underground caverns too!

Whether you’re a Colorado native or just passing through, these weekend adventures will give you a taste of all the unique beauty and experiences this state has to offer.

Have you been to any of these iconic Colorado destinations yet? Comment below which one(s) you’ve visited and which are on your bucket list!

Additional Resources

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