How to Start Your Solo Travel Journey This Year!

So you’re a strong, independent woman who wants to start your solo travel journey in 2024…

But you have no idea where to start!

I totally get it, sis. That was me just a couple years ago.

It’s one thing to pick up a sandwich at your favorite restaurant or buy weekly groceries by yourself. Traveling to another country for a week-long vacation is something else, and can be intimidating.

I’m here to tell you that even if it feels impossible, if this is something you want to do, you absolutely can!

I’m here to be your hype girl and help you get there.

If I had to start my solo travel journey over again, here’s how I would do it:

Start Small

Contrary to what it looks like on social media, solo travel isn’t always easy or natural. It can take time to ease into, and that’s okay! Take things at your own pace.

Get accustomed to spending time in your own company in small ways. Go to the movies by yourself, explore a farmers market, or treat yourself to a fancy dinner for one!

This practice can help you give yourself permission to make space for what you like to do. You’ll get used to being alone with your thoughts, which can take some time. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to meet new people and make connections.

Do Your Research

The more informed you are about a travel destination, the more confident you’ll feel traveling there.

I suggest looking up social media and blog posts from other solo travelers about your destination. There are great resources for how to navigate certain places alone.

Some of my favorite solo travel friends include @adventureswithraychelle, @ilsasendeavors, @mackenzieanundi, @lex.on.the.loose, and @solotravelinstyle.

You can also look up news articles about destinations and research the safest parts of the cities you want to visit. Use sites like Thatch to find recommended spots from people who have actually been there.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t worry about backpacking across Europe for two weeks by yourself right off the bat if that freaks you out. Try going on a smaller road trip or even staycation close to home.

This will help you feel out the process of planning transportation, housing, and activities for a few days.

My favorite resource for staycation/road trip housing is Airbnb. Find comfortable, private options for any destination you can think of! (not sponsored, just a big fan)

Take my first solo trip for example. I went to Disney World because I’d been there before and knew I liked it and that it would be safe. It was an amazing first solo travel experience!

Read more about solo travel to Disney in this post.

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Let’s Plan Your Trip Together

I LOVE travel research – it’s my favorite part of travel (next to going on the actual trip, of course).

If you’re ready to plan that first solo trip but you need a guide and hype woman through the planning process, I’m your girl!

Here’s what a client had to stay about her recent travel research service experience:

“Maddie did an amazing job at being attentive to our needs and desires in planning our trip…She was very organized and thorough with her research…Later on, she went over the spreadsheet with me and helped me to feel more relaxed about the travel part required for the trip because I was nervous. I appreciated the effort and compassion that she went into this with.”

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If starting your solo travel journey is in your plans for this year, you can absolutely make it happen! Following these simple steps will give you a great start!

You CAN adventure solo, sis. You don’t need others’ permission, approval, or availability to do all the things you want to do with your life.

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