My Top 5 Tips for Aspiring Solo Travelers

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always excited about the idea of traveling by myself – it made me so nervous! Just a couple years ago, I was an aspiring solo traveler with big world explorer dreams like you. Doing these five things helped me gain the confidence I needed to set aside my fears and make my dream of solo travel a reality.

#1: Start Small

You probably won’t go from being nervous about traveling alone to a two-week solo trip to Europe overnight. It’s important to give yourself opportunities to practice doing things you love on your own.

Go to a farmers market and chat with the local vendors.

Buy a ticket for a movie you’ve been wanting to see.

Go on a walk WITHOUT headphones or music.

Do meditation and breathing exercises.

Try a new food at a favorite restaurant.

These smaller adventures will help you as an aspiring solo traveler to build your confidence. You’ll become more comfortable with your own company and with letting YOUR desires and interests take up space.

#2: Talk to People Who Support Your Travel Goals

Oftentimes others see us and our abilities more clearly than we see ourselves. Talking to trusted loved ones about your travel aspirations can help you see yourself through their eyes.

Ask those you trust about the strengths they see in you. Talk to them about skills you worry you may lack in order to be a successful solo traveler. They will be honest with you and can support you as you develop those skills before embarking on your adventures.

Some skills that you can ask about that are important for solo travel include problem solving, sense of direction, cultural awareness, and mindfulness.

These conversations can help you feel more capable of enjoying and navigating anything that comes your way during your travels!

#3: Remember Your Why

Focus on your reasons for wanting to travel solo. Take a few minutes to ponder how you would answer the following questions:

What are you trying to accomplish? 

How can solo travel benefit you in ways other experiences can’t?

What skills do you want to develop? 

What do you want to learn – about yourself, other people, or the world around you? 

Those answers you thought of are your WHY! Establishing your “why” for traveling solo will increase your determination to make it happen.

Once you’ve established that focus, you can remind yourself of it when the fearful or doubtful voices in your head get loud. Your motivation FOR traveling solo will be louder! You’ll go from being an aspiring solo traveler to a world explorer in no time.

#4: Do. Your. Research!

The more you know, the more capable you will feel. The saying goes “information breeds inspiration”, and I would add “confidence”. When planning for a trip or any smaller experience, doing your research beforehand will help minimize surprises when you get there. You’ll feel better prepared knowing what to wear, the weather forecast, how transportation works, and whether museums are booking timed tickets or not.

You’ll also be able to focus more on having fun on your adventure rather than being bogged down by logistics. There’s a peace that comes with knowing you prepared as well as you could and have a good understanding of how things are gonna go.

Of course things don’t always go according to plan, and that’s okay! In fact, some of my favorite travel memories are moments when I got sidetracked or delayed or had to improvise when plans changed. So leave space for those beautiful, unplanned moments – embrace them! – but also do yourself a favor and work out enough details beforehand to feel confident.

#5: Be Kind to Yourself

Any experience that pushes you out of your comfort zone is hard. It won’t necessarily come easily for you (even as a strong, independent, capable woman). As I mentioned in tip #1, just like everything else in life, it takes practice.

So don’t stress about making it happen in a certain time frame!

Be kind TO yourself as you spend more time WITH yourself. Don’t feel like just because lots of women these days are jumping into solo travel like it’s nothing means you have to feel the same way. 

The beautiful thing about solo travel is that you’re doing it for YOU, not anyone else. 

This is meant to be what you want it to be, so take it at your own pace. You may never feel 100% ready to take the plunge. There are some things that need to be learned by simply DOING them. But don’t try to force yourself to be excited for something if you’re not yet. 

Practice these tips as many times as you need to build up your determination to make your dreams happen, then go do it!

You Got This!

It took me a lot of practice learning to love spending time on my own to become comfortable with it. Once I did, I realized there was nothing keeping me from traveling the world except me! Now solo travel and solo experiences bring me so much joy, healing, and fulfillment, and they can for you too.

To read more about one event in particular that changed my solo travel mindset forever, check out this post!

You got this, girl. You are capable of experiencing the world on your own terms and timeline. You don’t have to wait for anyone else’s permission or availability to start.

I am always in your corner and am happy to give you tips, recommendations, and pep talks anytime! Swing by my Contact page or DM me on Instagram. I can’t wait to help you grow from an aspiring solo traveler to the world explorer of your dreams!

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