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  • Staying at 73 Milton: North Island New Zealand B&B Review

    You may be too tall to sleep in a Hobbit hole, so staying at the 73 Milton bed and breakfast is the next best thing! Fave Bed and Breakfast Features Nestled in the countryside just outside of Cambridge, New Zealand, 73 Milton was a lovely spot to rest my head on my mini North Island road trip. The property boasts a stunning main house with the guest rooms right next…

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  • How to Start Your Solo Travel Journey This Year!

    So you’re a strong, independent woman who wants to start your solo travel journey in 2024… But you have no idea where to start! I totally get it, sis. That was me just a couple years ago. It’s one thing to pick up a sandwich at your favorite restaurant or buy weekly groceries by yourself. Traveling to another country for a week-long vacation is something else, and can be intimidating.…

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  • Mindful Meandering: Staying Present as a Solo Traveler

    Traveling on your own can be an incredible, life-changing experience. It offers opportunities to meet people, do things, and visit places that you never would have otherwise. But solo travel has some overwhelming, stressful moments too. You don’t have other brains around to keep track of details or come up with solutions like you would in a group.  When I started solo traveling full-time, I thought it would be easy…

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  • Your Ultimate Three-Day Solo Brussels Itinerary

    Looking to make the most of a short trip to Brussels? I’ve narrowed down some of my favorite solo experiences into this 3-day itinerary to give you the perfect taste of this historic city and its surrounding area. Enjoy! Day 1: Northwest Brussels Spend the morning at the iconic Atomium! This national symbol feels a lot like climbing around a spaceship on the inside! The structure is fascinating to explore,…

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  • My Top 5 Tips for Aspiring Solo Travelers

    Believe it or not, I wasn’t always excited about the idea of traveling by myself – it made me so nervous! Just a couple years ago, I was an aspiring solo traveler with big world explorer dreams like you. Doing these five things helped me gain the confidence I needed to set aside my fears and make my dream of solo travel a reality. #1: Start Small You probably won’t…

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