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  • How to Start Your Solo Travel Journey This Year!

    So you’re a strong, independent woman who wants to start your solo travel journey in 2024… But you have no idea where to start! I totally get it, sis. That was me just a couple years ago. It’s one thing to pick up a sandwich at your favorite restaurant or buy weekly groceries by yourself. Traveling to another country for a week-long vacation is something else, and can be intimidating.…

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  • Step-by-step Trip Planning Guide!

    Picture this: you’ve saved up the PTO, your busy work season is winding down, and it’s the perfect time to take that vacation you’ve been waiting for. But the problem is, you want your trip to be relaxing, fun, educational, and a great bonding experience with your destination and those you’re traveling with. Which sounds like a lot of work to plan, and you’re not even sure where to start.…

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