The Best Travel Shoes I Won’t Leave Home Without

Looking for cute, versatile, comfy shoes to take on your travels? These are my recommendations for the best travel shoes that I won’t leave home without!

I’m a light packer and not a fan of lugging pair after pair of shoes with me on planes, trains, and automobiles. These shoes are perfect for nearly any occasion, AND durable and comfortable enough for long days of exploring. So no need to pack ten pairs – just grab these three best travel shoes and you’re good to go!

PS: All opinions are my own. I’m not being paid for these recommendations, I just want to share this lovely knowledge with you!

Kizik Trainers

These tennies have been life-changing for me! They’re the only true collapsible heel shoe on the market and I will never go back to regular trainers! My merlot Limas are a cinch to put on (especially rushing through airport security lines), so cute, and comfortable all day long. Kizik shoes come in dozens of styles and colors, so you’ll find the perfect pair for every outfit. I just bought my second pair and I can’t wait to wear them all the time!

Chaco Sandals

My #1 pick for travel sandals! These babies will take you from cobblestone streets to mountain trails seamlessly. For warmer weather destinations, these sandals provide great arch support for walking long distances (especially the Cloud versions with added cushion). They’re perfect for trekking through ocean waves or mountain streams too since the straps adjust to tighten around your feet and they dry out quickly.

Blundstone Boots

I will honestly never buy a different brand of travel boots. I’ve had my pair of brown Blundstones since 2018 and they are still in excellent condition. The material of these waterproof boots has melded to my foot shape so they’re only getting more comfortable! Coupled with a pair of thick socks, these boots have kept my feet warm and dry on countless winter hikes and adventures. Plus their sleek Chelsea profile goes perfectly with dressy or casual outfits. I’m totally in love with these boots!

Travel shoes packing hack: if your shoes have a loop or strap (like Chacos or Blundstones), use a small carabiner to hook them to your backpack. This will save space in your suitcase for more souvenirs!

What are some of your favorite shoes to wear on your adventures?

Which of these shoes fits your travel vibe the best?

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