Top 3 Reasons You Should Stay in an Airbnb While Traveling

Did you know that the original idea for Airbnb came when the company’s founder rented out an air mattress in his spare bedroom? That’s where the AIR in Airbnb comes from!

Luckily Airbnb has progressed far beyond air mattresses in spare bedrooms! Through their app or online, you can book yurts, mansions, cabins, glass domes, or tree houses all over the world!

I have fallen in love with the Airbnb model and the people I’ve met as I’ve stayed in these accommodations.

And I’m here to tell you my top three reasons why YOU should consider staying in Airbnbs on your travels!

*Read to the end for a BONUS Airbnb booking tip!*

Unbeatable Recommendations from Your Host

Airbnb hosts are residents in your destination who have often lived there a long time! They are experts on the local restaurants, events, and transportation. I’ve even had hosts who have walked me through how to buy train tickets and book museum reservations online.

That level of attention isn’t guaranteed or expected from Airbnb hosts (their job is to host you in their accommodation). But you can find ratings and guest comments on each listing that tell you more about each host and the experience they provide.

If you’re an immersive traveler like me, you like to discover the best local spots and really dive deep into the places you visit. If you’re going to experience a destination, you want to REALLY experience it!

Staying in an Airbnb hosted by a local expert is one of the best ways you can do that.

Insane Variety of Accommodations

Y’all, I’m not kidding – you can LITERALLY stay in yurts, tree houses, castles, or tiny houses through Airbnb!

Where you stay while you travel has a huge impact on your experience. I love that there are as many different Airbnb accommodations out there as there are traveler types.

You’re sure to find somewhere unique that fits your vibe, group type, trip goals, and budget.

Truly Authentic Experiences

In addition to awesome local recommendations from your host, the location of your Airbnb can help you have a more authentic travel experience.

Since most Airbnbs are privately owned spaces, they can be located anywhere! They aren’t confined to certain city blocks near convention centers or airports like hotels often are.

You can stay in a beautiful neighborhood or on a private family beach or on a peaceful ranch property.

Staying where locals live, shopping where they shop, and playing where they play lets you see the world through their eyes. The culture of your destination is accessible and poignant in these places.

Which is one of the main reasons we travel, right? To connect with and learn more about our beautiful world and the people in it.

Have I convinced you yet? No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, you can find an Airbnb that fits your travel vision.

My Airbnb stays have helped me connect with my destinations on a deeper level, and I know they can do the same for you!

Bonus Tip: Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb recently added Experiences to their booking repertoire! These experiences are booked through the app just like their stays. Experiences are hosted by local experts, artists, historians, tour guides, and chefs to provide you with authentic, immersive activities that are sure to become some of your favorite travel memories!

Additional Resources

Are you in the throes of trip planning and feeling overwhelmed with decision making and knowing how to proceed? I’ve compiled this FREE trip planning guide to help! In it, I provide all the tools you need to plan unforgettable travel experiences every time!

Learn more about how to plan intentional travel in this post about making mindful travel memories!

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