Why You Should Plan a Solo Trip to Disney

People were SHOCKED when I told them I was planning a solo trip to Disney a few months ago. And to be honest, it did feel a little unorthodox going to the happiest place on earth by myself.

But Disney isn’t just the happiest place on earth for families or couples or choir tour groups. It can be the happiest place for anyone who wants to go solo! I’m SO glad I did it, and here’s why you why you should do it too…

You Can Take Things at Your Own Pace

One of the best things about traveling solo to Disney World is taking your own sweet time. You can sleep in and show up at the parks at 10 am if you want. You can take a day mid-week to just chill by the pool and relax without any pressure to be at a park.

If you’re hungry, you eat. If you’re tired, you can rest. If you want to run to get in the Jungle Cruise line when there’s less than a 30 minute wait, you can do that at your own pace too!

It’s such a refreshing experience to not have lots of interests, speeds, and energy levels to cater to – just your own!

You Can Experience the Chill Rides

Have you ever just wanted to sit and ride the People Mover, the WDW Railroad, or the Liberty Square Riverboat after a long day hustling around the parks? But you couldn’t because your group is busy booking tickets for Pirates while waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain?

On a solo Disney trip, you can do that! I had never experienced these chill and actually lovely rides before. Relaxing and taking time to appreciate where I was became some of my favorite memories from my trip.

So embrace the chill and ride that People Mover as many times as you want! Try timing it so you can watch the sun set behind the castle. The view from the People Mover track is breathtaking!

Three Words: Single. Rider. Perks!

Even though Disney World only has four rides with designated single rider lines, there are tons of opportunities for single riders to fill empty spots in the roller coaster cars.

This perk happens with entertainment too. You can score some great seats for shows when there’s just one spot available. This happened for me with The Lion King and Indiana Jones Stunt Show – performances that are usually full to capacity – when I showed up just a few minutes before start time!

You Can Make Amazing Friends!

When doing Disney with a group or even just a partner, your tendency is to just talk to them, which is why you came with them in the first place, right?

But on a solo Disney trip, you have a unique opportunity to interact with others around you more. This may sound contradictory since you’re traveling by yourself, but hear me out.

Standing in line next to the same people for an hour, asking an intern in EPCOT Germany about their hometown, chatting with the person who offered to take your picture, and countless other moments give you opportunities to connect with new people in new ways!

And if you’re like me, connection is one of your main reasons for traveling solo in the first place. These moments meeting wonderful people can become some of your most treasured memories and even friendships.

So take chances, make mistakes, and do what you’re passionate about as you travel solo to Disney! You’ll find kindred spirits there and surprisingly, a lot of peace.

For more tips on how to navigate your solo traveler journey, check out my top 5 tips for aspiring solo travelers!

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