Your Ultimate Three-Day Solo Brussels Itinerary

Looking to make the most of a short trip to Brussels? I’ve narrowed down some of my favorite solo experiences into this 3-day itinerary to give you the perfect taste of this historic city and its surrounding area.


Day 1: Northwest Brussels

Spend the morning at the iconic Atomium!

This national symbol feels a lot like climbing around a spaceship on the inside! The structure is fascinating to explore, plus it features a panoramic viewpoint and restaurant at the top. Located at the northwest end of Brussels, the 335-foot tall viewpoint gives incredible views of the whole city below.

Picnic lunch in Laeken Park

Grab some grub and enjoy this beautiful outdoor space just down the road from the Atomium. The park features long walkways, stunning architecture, and multiple gardens to explore – a lovely break from the busyness of the city.

Country hop in Mini Europe

Visit all your favorite countries in one day at this open air miniature museum. The maze of 350 tiny European monuments are impressive and provide a fun, interactive experience. Walking the trails can take around two hours, so wear comfortable walking shoes!

Ticket tip:

Visit the Visit Brussels website to purchase a ticket package for both the Atomium and Mini Europe!

Day 2: Belgian Countryside

I 100% recommend taking a day to tour the iconic nearby cities of Ghent and Bruges! These cities took my breath away and were a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Brussels.

I took this tour with Get Your Guide and it was wonderful! We took a bus from Brussels, stopping in Bruges first, then Ghent on the way back. I learned so much from the tour guide, made some new friends, and did my own exploring in each place during some free time.

Guided tours tip:

Bring your own set of plug-in headphones. Many tour companies provide audio sets that connect to the tour guide’s microphone so everyone in the group can hear. It’s best to bring your own headphones to avoid extra fees and having to take a bunch of headphones home with you!

I absolutely fell in love with Bruges and Ghent and recommend taking river boat tours in either or both if you can! These river tours are pretty small, peaceful, informative, and such a good way to see the city! And they only cost around 20 EUR per person – definitely worth the spend!

Day 3: Brussels Deep Dive

First things first: Grand Place!

If you haven’t already, take some time to explore Grand Place and the surrounding streets. This is one of those touristy places that was totally worth the hype to me.

The buildings that make up the plaza are all stunning and unique. City Hall is the tallest and most notable of them all, and guided tours of the building are available throughout the day. They’re offered in various languages, so make sure you book the right one! Tickets are about 15 EUR per person.

Free tours tip:

Keep an eye out for the yellow umbrellas in the Grand Place area. These indicate tour guides who offer information about the beautiful plaza and its history for FREE!

Photo op at Mont des Arts

Catch the perfect view of city hall from above in this beautiful garden area!

Learn at the Parlamentarium

Did you know that Brussels is one of three cities where the European Parliament meets? You can learn all about the history and current events of Parliament in this immersive visitors center.

This is probably one of the best museum experiences I’ve ever had! The exhibits are immersive and fun to interact with. I learned so much and loved exploring at my own pace because I was on my own.

Finish with fries in the park

Pick up some delicious fries and a burger at Maison Antoine. This food stand was recommended to me by a Brussels local and it did NOT disappoint!

Then bring your classic Belgian fare to one of the most beautiful parks I’ve been to in Europe – Parc du Cinquantenaire. The park goes on for acres and has perfect walking trails, trees, and benches where you can sit and eat your dinner.

And make sure you visit the Arcades du Cinquantenaire in the park – I couldn’t get enough of  this beautiful structure and I know you’ll love it too!

Solo transportation tip:

Whether you’re on foot or taking buses to the different monuments, it’s always a good idea to research and download electric scooter apps before visiting a city. I visited all of day 3’s activities on foot…and I had a lovely time, feeling like I got a local taste of the city. But at the end of the day, I was exhausted and wished I had one of the scooter apps so I could just hop on and zoom home.

Brussels and her surrounding areas are incredible to experience on your solo adventures! I definitely want to go back someday to do more exploring, but I was so happy with the three days I spent there. This itinerary will help you have that quick, immersive experience you’re looking for on your solo trip to Belgium!

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