• The SECRET of Bruges Chocolatiers

    Do you know the SECRET behind this plaque in Bruges? This cocoa bean artwork posted in front of select chocolate shops indicates that the chocolate makers belong to the Guild of Bruges Chocolatiers. Unlike many industrial chocolate chains that you’ll find in the city, these chocolate shops make and sell all their chocolates in-house! When you buy from these shops, you’re supporting local businesses AND getting a true taste of…

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  • My Top 3 Favorite Travel Destinations (so far)

    Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Torr Head, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom During our visit, my friend, Grace, and I stayed with a lovely couple in Carrickfergus who took us on a personalized tour of the northern coast of Northern Ireland – from Belfast to Giant’s Causeway to Portstewart Strand. I fell in love with this green, sheep-covered part of the world! If you have a Celtic heart like me, you’ve GOT…

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